NanoScale Systems

·       Alexander Kaya, PhD, Physicist

·       Founder and CEO of Nanoss GmbH

·       Inventor of 3D-Nanoprinting for nanogranular strain gauges

·       2016-2021: Founder and CEO of cantiMED (now Nanobiosensors GmbH)

·       1999-2005: Founder and CTO/Technical Director Nawotec GmbH (Subsidiary of Carl Zeiss AG)

·       More than 20 years of experience in corporate management and bringing up high-tech start-ups


·       25 years of experience in business development in the fields of nanotechnology, semiconductors and 3D printing for medical technology and life sciences

·       Thomas Goschurny, M.Sc. Engineering Physics

·       Expert in thin films deposition and materials characterization

·       Process Engineer at Nanoss GmbH since 2021


·       Main field at Nanoss: development and optimization of FEBID process for strain sensing elements

·       Divin Varghese, M.Sc Sensor System Technology (B.Sc.Biomedical Engineering)

·       Over seven years of experience in development of implantable sensors


·       Main field at Nanoss: sensor design, sensor testing and electrical readout of sensor signals

·       Ramizraza Saiyed, M.Sc. Nanoscience

·       Experienced in MEMS microfabrication and sensor testing


·       Main field at Nanoss: development of test setups and sensor characterization