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Metatissue joins Biorobot-Miniheart to advance the development of predicative in vitro cardiac models.

18 MAR 2024

The Biorobot-Miniheart is pleased to announce the addition of Metatissue as its new partner.


Metatissue is focused on designing and manufacturing human protein-based products that find applications in in vitro cell culture, tissue engineering and regeneration, and disease modelling. The company was established to set the stage for a paradigm shift in cell culture and tissue modelling using human native proteins to create predictive and truly translatable 3D biological tissue models.

Metatissue will provide the Biorobot-Miniheart consortium a fully human based complex mixture of proteins and growth factors that can be crosslinked to form hydrogels and bioinks with controllable mechanical properties. These distinguished properties allow the design of heterogenous matrices to create living machines with a local control over stiffness and elasticity, which will be explored together with the BioRobot-MiniHeart partners.


Catarina Custódio, Co-Founder & CEO of Metatissue, mentioned, “Until now, there are no cost-effective, scalable, and sustainable 3D cardiac tissue models available that closely mimic the native microenvironment. This is due to complications associated with generating human-ECM mimicking materials for 3D cell cultures. By combining our expertise with that of the Biorobot-Miniheart partners, I strongly believe that this Hop-on could offer the most promising possibility of developing reliable models and improving the capabilities of the ‘living’ micro-machines, sensors, and actuators with controllable mechanical properties that have been under development since the project’s inception.”

Sachs Associates Life Science Forum

28 FEB 2024

River BioMedics CEO, Nicky Cooper, attended the Sachs Associates’s 17th Annual European Life Sciences CEO Forum in Zurich!


It was a great opportunity to share ideas about the future of cardiac drug discovery in which the mini heart could play a pivotal role.



Elena Cano presented at the Spanish Society of Cardiology 2023 Meeting

28 OCT 2023

At the anual meeting of the Spanish Society of Cardiology, Elena presented on the creation and the possibilities of an in-vitro created mini-heart. It was great to reactions of the community to such a cool technology.

Visiting BioSpain 2023

30 SEPT 2023

Adrian Ruiz-Villalba and Elena Cano visited BioSpain 2023 to see the latest developments in the international Biotechnology community.

BioEurope Spring

21 MAR 2023

River BioMedics CEO, Nicky Cooper, attended BioEurope to present our technology to multiple investors and to pharmaceutical companies

The EIC has published the fully designed and published strategic plans for the ELMs Pathfinder challenge portfolio

14 DEC 2022

European research institutions are excellent in conducting research, however, they tend to lose momentum when it comes to transforming research results into innovations and market opportunities. This is why the EIC has a team of experts with a track record in science, innovation strategy and management, the Programme Managers. The PMs pro-actively manage the portfolios of EIC-funded projects to support them in their push for technological and innovation breakthroughs. They identify possibilities for linking early research with emerging or existing market opportunities by fostering the translation from research results to innovation and commercialization. The specific portfolio objectives and activities agreed between individual portfolio projects to be carried out to reach these objectives, are incorporated in the Strategic Plan for each of the EIC Pathfinder Challenge Portfolios. Five of these plans are presented here:

EIC pathfinder challenge: Bio-robot Miniheart is ready for Kick-off!

A new year a new collaboration to kick off. After meeting with all the collaborators and many fruitfull discussions, Bio-robot Miniheart is ready to go.

4 NOV 2022